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Milan Hartney

The school community wish to congratulate Milan Hartney, Leaving Cert Class
2016, who is receiving the prestigious J P Mc Manus Scholarship on Saturday
next November 19th The J.P. Mc Manus All Ireland Scholarship Awards were
held in university of Limerick on 19th November. The scholarships are given
to the 4 best Leaving Certificate students results in each of the 32
counties. The scholarship is confined to those students who are exempt from
paying the Leaving Certificate fee. The scholarship is worth €6750 per year
to the students.
Milan Hartney was chosen as one of those students who achieved exceptional
results in his Leaving Certificate. Mr o Donovan Principal of St. Joseph's
Secondary school collected his certificate on the day. Milan described the
school as a wonderful close-knit and friendly environment where he received
a fantastic education. Milan is studying Law and German in Trinity college
Milan also received 3 days later an entrance exhibition award from Trinity
College Dublin. This was awarded as a result of his high performance in his
school Leaving Cert Examination.
Mr O Donovan accompanied Milan in Trinity College Dublin with his father
Tony and stepmother Polly. This was a very special accomplishment for Milan
and St. Joseph's Secondary school and we would like to pass on our
congratulations to Mr O Donovan's daughter Hazel who also achieved entrance
exhibition award from Trinity College Dublin. This was awarded as a result
of her high performance in her school Leaving Cert Examination and is
studying psychotherapy in Trinity College Dublin.

Continued success to Milan and Hazel in their studies.

John O'Donovan
St Joseph's Secondary School,


Mr.O'Donovan, Principal, St.Joseph's Secondary School, Ballybunion,
congratulating Aoife Horgan , second year. Aoife an outstanding sports
person has been selected to play on the Munster U 15 Ladies Soccer team.
She plays her soccer with Listowel Celtic. The very best of luck to her in
the upcoming tournament in Dublin from the Staff and Students of the school
who are very proud of her achievements.


Mr.O'Donovan, Principal congratulating representatives of the Transition
Year Class 2015, St.Joseph's Secondary School, Ballybunion, with Miss
Kelly, project organiser. The group last year were presented with the Amber
Flag for their work in the 'Cycle Against Suicide ' project. This week they
were one of three Kerry schools chosen to receive an 'Ambassador Award' for
the project. The programme raised awareness of the message that 'It is ok
not to feel ok'. Congratulations to all the group and to Miss Kelly on
their achievement.



Transition Year Students

Pictured are the Transition year class 2016/2017 St.Joseph's Secondary
School, Ballybunion with Eddie Lenihan, renowned story teller, who spoke in
the school on Friday October 7th. This was part of their cultural study
organised by Mrs. Moriarty. This excellent entertainer showed his great
gift to staff and students.

Journey Of Mercy

This Summer two 2nd years, Aoibhe and David Joy accompanied their Mum on a trip to Madagascar to visit their Uncle who has a bamboo company set up in Madagascar. It was a trip of a lifetime and a real eye opener of how other people live. Their month in Fort Dolphin gave them the opportunity to experience a life they would other wise never know about and experienced how these people live. They both were a great help to these people and amazed how these people who appear to have so little in comparison to us have so much to give their visitors. On their 4 day trip from the capital they got to see the welcome these local people gave their visitors. Aoibhe and David donated items to them which they took with them. Congratulations to both students on their great work and for sharing their findings with those in the school.



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