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The Fizzbook Spin is the first mini-tablet PC for children designed with a measured and thoughtful approach to understanding the real needs of children and young adults. The Spin wasn’t born in a lab, it was conceived through real research carried out with real teachers and young people in classrooms all over the world.

With this in mind it was designed to pass a 50cm drop test, and has a water resistant keyboard, 4.5 hour battery life, surfaces resistant to reasonable damage and improved dust resistance. A built in carry handle improves handling, transport and sharing your screen with others.


The aim of the Fizzbook is to have an exceptionally usable netbook straight out of the box. The on-board software suite has been designed so you have the productivity tools of Microsoft Works, the creative tools of Art Rage, a web camera, and education tools of the SMART Classroom Suite without any additional software installation. These tools are underpinned with back-up software and a security suite option.


With the addition of SMART Classroom Suite as standard the Fizzbook Spin is set apart from other classroom devices. With the Fizzbook Spin and Classroom Suite you can be sure that children will turn, touch, play and learn.

This powerful piece of software enables teachers to take control of the Fizzbooks in their classroom. With familiar and easy to use creation tools, teachers can deliver lessons which include whole class, group and
individual interactive activities. There is also the added option of turning their Fizzbook into an assessment tool using SMART’s assessment software – SMART Response CE. All the elements you need to personalise students learning are combined in the Fizzbook and you’ll soon be wondering how you taught without them.


Download more information on the Fizzbook.


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