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Anti Bullying Code


  1. Each student has a right to respect and dignity.
  2. Every student has the right to be socially included.
  3. Every student has a right to travel to and from school without fear of intimidation.
  4. Each student has the right to have his/her property respected.
  5. Every student has the right to report bullying without fear of recrimination.
Procedures to be followed when an incidence of bullying is reported
  1. Person/s observing or receiving information in relation to an incidence of bullying will complete an ‘Incident Sheet’ immediately and will then pass this information to the relevant Year Head.  The ‘Incident Sheet’ will contain date, time and location of incident, the pupil’s name, details of the incident and the signature of the teacher/other concerned in filing the report.
  2. The Year Head initially deals with the problem and makes a report to the Principal.
  3. In dealing with the problem, the Year head will endeavour to hear the story of all parties concerned – that of the victim, the bully and bystanders – or any others who may have been indirectly involved.
  4. Particular attention will be given to the victim/alleged victim and an opportunity afforded him/her to express his/her feelings, fears and desired needs.
  5. If a particular case of bullying is very severe or is repeated, the Principal will contact the Parents of all parties concerned and will invite them to the school to discuss the matter.
  6. The Principal and/or the Year Head will meet the parents and outline to them the details of the particular case as well as the proposed action being undertaken by the school.
  • All the details of any particular case will be known to the Year Head and Principal only.
  • Such details will not be discussed in front of any class/s or in the staffroom
  • Victims, however, will be made aware that absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, especially in cases of very severe or persistent bullying.

(to be reviewed in May 2013)


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